Customize Theme

To customize the theme of your website, 

1. Select Themes from the administrator bar.

2. Click on Customize theme. You will be redirected to a new window.

You can customize the existing themes by using the following options available in the menu bar:

Choose Style: Select the best style you like from the options provided to give a new look to the website.

Colors: Update the colors settings for the selected theme.

Fonts: Select the font style for the text on your website.

Newsletter Box: Here you can customize the newsletter section of your website. You can either hide or show the section or event customize or edit the description of the section/box.

Announcement: Here you can add or edit a specific important announcement or information to be shown on the website, like, Featured News, New Product, New Stock, Exclusive Offers etc. Edit the option by adding announcement details, links and title.

Header Section: This option allows you to update the header section of the website present at the top. Here, you can edit the email and contact number options to be shown in the header. 

Save the changes once you are done. You can also Preview the settings once you have saved them. You can also Reset the default settings. The option of viewing your website in desktop/tablet/mobile version is also available.