Customize Footer

The designing of footer is very much important for your website. The footer is generally the last point of contact that a user has with a page, as such, the footer is the last chance that a company or business has to provide a call-to-action to users visiting the website. As a result, it’s critical that website footers are designed with specific purpose.

To Customize a Footer:

1.    Select Themes from administrator menu.

2.    Click on Manage Footer.

Now you can select the preffered options or designs for your footer.

Footer Background Color: Select the color for the background of your footer.

Add Social Links: You can add quick social media links in the footer so that website visitor can find you on social media easily and quickly. These links are available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog etc.

Click on Save after you are done with editing the Footer.

You can select from a variety of designs for your footer from the More Footer Designs section.