This option can be used to add pop up ads on your website. These ads will be visible only when the user refresh its screen. 


Title: You can add the title. 

Link: Enter the URL. 

End date: You can add the date when you want to end the specific ad. 

Start date: You can add the start date here. 

Delay: Specify the number of seconds after which you would like the promotion to appear (Between 3 to 50 seconds). 

You can activate the ad by clicking the Active button on the right of the screen. 


  • This pop up will not show on mobile devices. It will show on Desktops, Laptops and tablets. 

  • Only one pop up can be activated at a time. If the specified date range overlaps with another existing active pop up, please change the date range of the other pop up, make it inactive or set a different date range for this pop up. 

  • Each pop up will show to every unique user one-time until it is closed. Once closed, it will not show for a period of 1 day. 


Promotion Image: 

This Image will show over your website content, users will have the option to close it. [Recommended Size: 700px X 400px] 

By clicking select Image you can add the desired image from your device.