Add a Product

In the admin panel, Click on Products, then Click on Add a Product.

Now in the next page, Select a Category to add a product. In case the category does not exist yet, you can add it by selecting the Add a Category option. You can later edit the category to add in an image, description and parameters. After adding the category, select the Category to add a product.

Part Number: Enter a part number/SKU which will be used to identify the product.

Status Text: This option allows you to provide a highlight option for the product or the status or series of the product, like, New Product, Latest Product, Special Product, Latest Series, Limited Stock etc.

Product Title: This is the heading for the product page. We recommend you writing the part number in this field, as this is what the users will see when they visit this page. Also, it is good for SEO.

Product Description: Write the product description.

Product Specifications

Most products have specifications - Type, Package, Power, Voltage etc. You can add specifications for each product on your website. These are shown to users in a tabulated form and are very easy to read and understand. There are two fields - Parameter Name and Parameter Value.

Parameter Name: This is the name of the parameter/attribute - Size, Power, Voltage, Package etc.

Parameter Value: This is the value of the parameter, for example if the Parameter Name is Size, the value can be 2 x 2 mm.
Product specifications are connected to the category that is selected. If you add product specifications for one product in a category, those same parameters will show when adding a new product in that category. You can leave a parameter blank in case you do not want to fill it.

If you are adding a product in a new category or one where there are no parameters specified. You can add the parameters when adding a product. Click on Add More and another row will show. Once you are done adding parameters and their values, move to the next step.

Documents: Here you can add in Datasheets, Documents, Files, Application Notes and other documents related to the product.

1. Enter the name of document in the Document Name box.
2. Click on Select File to upload document from your hard drive.
3. Click on Add More to upload another documents.
4. To delete document click on the Delete symbol on the right side of the document.

Images: You can add multiple images(maximum 4) for each product. To upload images Click Upload Image or drag and drop images in to this section. Primary image will be the main image of your product. Multiple images can be added. These images will be shown below the main image of your product on website. To remove image click on Remove.

Tags: Tags are searchable keywords associated with your product. Tags can help customers find a product on your website. Type a suitable tag and press Enter to continue writing more tags.

Price: If you like, you can display the price of a product on your website. Enter the value in the Price textbox with the currency.

Lead Time: Here you can provide the time required to deliver the product.

Quantity: This section shows the total quantity of the product in stock.

Customizable: In the case that the product can be modified or tweaked to meet a users requirement, you can select the customizable option. This will tell the user that the product is customizable.

Publish On: You can set the publishing date of the product. The product will only be visible on your website on/after this date.

Sort Order: Select sort order for the product. This determines the order in which products will be shown. All products with same sort order will be ordered by date/time added.

Visible: You can choose to hide/disable a product from showing on your website. If visible is selected as yes, it will show on your website.

Set As Featured: Featured Products are shown in a panel on your website homepage and other parts of your website. It is a great way draw the users attention to a certain products. You can select Yes or No to feature a product.

Collect User Information: This option allows to collect user information before allowing them to download documents in the Category. Enabling/disabling this will overwrite any settings made to individual products in the category.

Search Related Products: Use this option to relate your products with each other. Click on Click to Manage Related Products. A pop-up will open with a list of products in this category. Check the ones that are related to the current product and click on Submit. These products will show as related products when viewing the product that you are adding.

Search Engine Listing: You can control the meta tag title, description and keywords for each news story. These are automatically generated by BuildBot, however you can customize these based on your requirements. You can also control the URL of the news story.

Click on SAVE to complete the process of adding an product.