Import Product : 

By selecting Import Products from the Products menu on the left bar, you can import the list of products that you want to add. 

This option enables you to import new products. If you click on this a dialogue box will appear. Here you can select the category in which you want to add product in.


  1. By Clicking on the category, another Dialogue box will appear stating the required format and rules. You can go through it and accordingly upload an excel file including info about the product. 


  1. Now read and understand the rules of Bulk Upload. Click Next


  1. Now click on Download Bulk Format. An excel sheet will be downloaded. If you already have the format, you can skip this step. 


  1. Fill the details of your products in that excel sheet. 

  1. Note: You cannot add images while importing. To add images, edit the product and click on add images. 
    You cannot add any fields to the excel file. If you would like to add more specifications in the excel file, you will need to add these specifications to the category for which you plan to add products. Once you do this, you will need to download a fresh excel file format. 

  1. By clicking on Upload excel file, a dialogue box will appear which enables you to select the file from your device.  

  1. A box showing a summary will appear. Click on Save.