White papers

Add white papers, application notes and videos to your website. You also have the option to collect user details on downloads.

1. Click on Pages in the administrator menu.

2. Click on Documents and Videos.

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Add White Paper

1. Click on Add a Document or Video at the left hand bottom corner.

2. Fill in the details. 

Type: Select or add a White Paper type. The White Paper type can be Application Notes, White Papers, Videos etc.

Title: Enter the title.

Author: Enter the name of the author.

Source: Enter the source of the Whitepaper.

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Overview: Give an overview of the paper. (Max 500 words)

Content type: Select the White Paper type and add the details. There are three White Paper types:

  • File or Document - Upload a file
  • Link to another website - Add a link to an article or document from another website
  • Text Editor - Write the Article on your website.

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Image: On the right side of the page, click on Select Image to upload an image for the whitepaper.

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Tags: Add tags to enable users to filter White Paper. 

Date: Enter the date of publishing the paper.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can control the meta tag title, description and keywords for the homepage. These are automatically generated by Buildbot, however you can customize this based on your requirements. You can also control the URL of the page.

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To continue adding more papers or videos, click on Add Content at the left hand bottom corner.