Manage the News page

1. On the left hand Administrator menu click on Pages, then click on News. You can either Add, Edit or Delete you news from here.

2. Click on Add News on the left hand bottom corner. Fill in the details to add the news.

Type: You can either select Write a News Story or can Add a Link to a story on another site.

When writing a news story:

Title: Add a title for the news story.

Author: Name the author of the story.

News Story: Write the news.

When adding a link to a story on another site:

Title: Add a title for the news story.

Source: Add the source of the news.

External Link: Add the link of the story.

Summary: Give a short summary of the news story in not more than 500 words.

3. Cilck on Select Image on the right hand side to add an image for the news story.

4. Publish On: Enter the date for the news to published.

5. Tags: Add tags/ keywords related to the news.

6. Search Engine Listing Preview: When writing a news story, you can also edit or manage the SEO listing of the story.

Click on Edit website SEO. Fill the form available.

Page Title: Give a title for the page.

Meta Description: Provide adequate metatag description for the news story.

Meta Keywords: Add important meta tags/keywords for the news story.

Url: Add the story url link.

7. Click on Save in the right hand bottom corner to add the news to the feed.