In the careers section on your website you can Add/Update Jobs and Review Applications.

Click on Pages in the administrator menu and select Careers.

To Add a Job

1. Click on Add a Job at the bottom of the page.

2. Fill in the details to give a clear description of the vacancy.

Job Title: The title of the job.
Description: The job description of the vacancy.

Job Type: Enter the type of Job, i.e. whether it is a Full time or Contract based or an Internship.

Show On / Hide On: Specify the date range to show this job on the website.

Sort Order: Enter the sorting order how you want to place the visibility of the job.

Country / State / City: Enter the details about the location of the job.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can control the meta tag title, description and keywords for the about us page. These are automatically generated by Buildbot, however you can customize this based on your requirements. You can also control the URL of the page.

To Edit a Job

1. Click on the Settings symbol corresponding to the job you want to edit. 

2. Select Edit and make the required changes.

Delete a Job

1. Click on the Settings symbol corresponding to the job you want to delete. Click on Delete.

View Job Applications

Click on View Job Applicants at the right hand bottom of the page to view the job applications for various positions available.

You will be automatically redirected to Manage Leads - Job Applications page where you can study the details of various applicants. 

Manage the Careers Landing Page

This option gives a brief introduction to the interested applicants about working in your company. To manage, click on Manage the Careers Landing Page from the bottom of the page. Next, fill the columns to give them a clear understanding.

Heading: Give the page a suitable title.

Introduction: Add information about working at your company.

Featured Image: Add an Image that you would like to show on this page.

Email: All job applications will be sent to this email address.

Search Engines: Set up the page title, meta description and handle. These help define how this page shows up on search engines.