Add a news story to your site

1. In the navigation menu click on News.

2. You will be directed to a page where you will be able to see all the news stories on your website. Click on Add News in the header of the page. On the bottom left side of the page you will see the option to add a news story.

3. Fill in the Form to add a news story:
Type: You have two option here, option one is to write a news story on your website. Option two is to link to a news story on another website. Below we talk about adding a news story on your website.

Title: This is a mandatory field. It is a title of your news or its headline.

Author: Enter the name or the author. This is optional.

Image: Add a suitable image to the story news to make it look more appealing. Select the image from your hard drive which you want to upload. Click on change if you wish to change the image once added. This image will be shown on the news page of your website i.e - It will not be shown on the page where the news story is published.

News story: Use the text eidtor to write the news story. You can use the formating tools provided in this editor to format the content of your story. 

Adding an Image to your News Story: To add an image to your news story, click on the Image icon in the text editor. You will be asked to enter an image URL. To get this URL, you will need to upload an image - To do soo, click on Tools on the left side in the control panel. Once you upload an image you need to add this URL in the text editor.

News Story

Tags: Tags are searchable keywords associated with your news story. Tags can help customers find news stories on particular topics. You can add multiple tags to each news story. Enter a comma after each tag to add multiple tags.


Visibility: This option controls visibility of your news story on the website. Select the date on which the news should be published on the website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can control the meta tag title, description and keywords for each news story. These are automatically generated by BuildBot, however you can customize these based on your requirements. You can also control the URL of the news story.