Add a New Category/Node

In the admin panel, Click on Products. You will be then directed to a new page with options to create a Category or a Node. Select the desired option.

To Add a Category

Name: Enter the name of category you want to create.

Category Description: Write description of the category.

Attribute Groups: Add/Edit attributes/specifications for products in this category. Attributes added here will be show when adding/editing products. You can also change the order in which the attributes show on your website. You can group a number of attributes under a heading. For example: Dimensions can have length, width and height as three seperate attributes

Attributes: Add attributes to each category, the default group assigned to each attribute is General Parameters. 

To add more Attribute Groups, click on Add More option.

The Attributes section does not shows while creating a Node.

Featured Image: Add a suitable image to represent the category. Click on Select Image from the right, upload the image and save.

Sort Order: This determines the order in which this category will be shown relative to the other categories added. If all categories have the same sort order they will be ordered alphabetically. We recommend not updating this field i.e leave it at 3 (Neutral).

Visible on Home Page: If you need the created Category/Node to be visible on the Home Page, select Yes from the given option, else leave it at No.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can control the meta tag title, description and keywords for each category page. This is automatically generated by Buildbot, however you can customize this based on your requirements. You can also control the URL of the page.