URL Redirection

To add URL Redirects:

1. Select Settings from the administrator menu.

2. Click on URL Redirections under the Advanced Settings section. You will be redirected to the following page.

3. Click on Add URL redirect and enter the necessary information.

Old Path: Enter the URL of the page of your old website.

Redirect toEnter the url where you will like to direct users who enter the old URL.

You must ensure that the URL paths start with https:// or https://.

4. Now click on Add Redirection Rule.

You can view all the Redirection by selecting URL redirects list.

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You can also delete the existing redirects by clicking on the Delete symbol corresponding to it.

To add URL Redirects in Bulk

1. Click on Bulk URL redirects. Review the rules provided and then click on Next.

2. Download the file format.

3. Upload the file in the same format.

4. Save the Url Redirects.

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